The conference about digital strategies in heritage

The 4 flavours of DISH

The four themes of DISH encompass the four most important perspectives from which to view the digitisation of heritage.

Business for Heritage

Business is an essential ingredient of any successful digital strategy for heritage. It takes creativity, innovation, logic, and planning to successfully deliver the value society demands of heritage nowadays. Business models offer a framework for this.


Co-creation and Crowdsourcing

Society is becoming ever more influential in the creation of institutional policy and the different products and services that institutions deliver. Issues on open source code, IPR, copyright laws and co-creation are assuming increasing importance.


Institutional Change

Rapid digitisation is the defining trend in today’s society. The public expects institutions to be as active on the Internet as they are.


Building a New Public Space

This theme 'Building a new public space' is chosen to discuss the transformation that is needed in policy development and the strategies and attitudes of institutions and consortia in order to put the user at the heart of all public activities.



2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website