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  • Data Matters

    Data Matters delivers sustainable archiving infrastructure solutions with an integrated management for paper based archives and digital preservation, including a digital repository with all the functions defined in the OAIS model. Data Matters solutions are based on multi-year expertise, in-depth knowledge and top quality products and services of a selected number of innovative and reliable technology manufacturers.


    Data storage, data management and data archiving solutions


  • DeventIT

    Integrated collection management and publication with Atlantis

    DEVENTit is an innovative software house from the Netherlands with a specialization in software for collection management, portal development and publishing on intranets and the Internet.
    The Atlantis platform is our solution for this. Atlantis is fully webbased, compliant to all major national and international standards, flexible and extendible. All kinds of collections can be included to one cohesive information system serving all internal and external stakeholders needs.
    The Atlantis platform is equipped for corporation between departments and organizations. Responsibilities in collection management are guarded. Separated or integrated publication is supported. The users of the published information, i.e. the general public or designated groups of users, can enrich or give feedback in a controlled manner.
    DEVENTit also offers a very cost-effective hosting environment for the Altantis platform and the solutions and websites build on that. The use of the DEVENTit hosting environment is optional.

  • Adlib

    Now and in the Future with Adlib
    Adlib Information Systems has a wealth of experience in automating the management of collections in libraries, museums and archives across the world. Our business is based on the key concepts of technical continuity, international standards, open systems architecture and user-friendliness.
    Technical continuity ensures the preservation of your data in the years to come, despite changes in computing technology.
    International standards and open architecture mean that your data can be shared both inside and outside your organization. User-friendliness means our products are designed for daily carefree and efficient use.
    These key concepts, along with our employment of the latest technology and continued involvement in the development and dissemination of professional standards and practices, have led to a large number of satisfied customers. They are also the reasons that collecting institutions of all types continue to choose Adlib software!



  • Vizar

    Muzar creates location based and augmented reality experiences for creatives, brands, cultural contentowners and you !

    Their enterprise content management system VISAR puts the creation and maintenance of these experiences at your fingertips, but if needed we can deliver turn-key!

    Visar helps to set up, host and publish your own location based/AR service with ease and on multiple platforms (like Layar and QR codes). It offers power users unique tools to manage large datasets.

    Visar requires no technical background or programming skills: through its intuitive interface, anyone can learn to use it. It’s web based, runs in the cloud and is offered as a service (SAAS) so it’s easy to set up, scalable and highly reliable.

    It’s all about the content and concepts of our clients, we will take care of the technology.

  • Geneabase

    Geneabase provides archives with subscriptions to a cloud-based platform that includes all necessary software, services and support for publishing historical digital content on a pay-per-view basis.

  • OCLC

    OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, computer library service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world’s information and reducing library costs.


    More than 72,000 libraries in 170 countries use OCLC services to locate, acquire, catalog, lend, preserve and manage library materials. OCLC and its member libraries cooperatively produce and maintain WorldCat, the OCLC Online Union Catalog, which contains more than 240 million bibliographic records and 1.75 billion location listings and is available to people everywhere via the World Wide Web. OCLC B.V. has its headquarters in the Netherlands.

  • ab-c media/Erfgoed op de kaart

    Erfgoed op de Kaart (Your Heritage on the Map) makes it easy to place historical points of interest of your town or region on an interactive map. An easy to use Content Management System is included. Images, text, video or even online sources like Wikipedia can be attached. Photo collections and historical maps can also be placed on the map. Visitors can share information on social networks or contribute comments and suggestions. All information is available through a dedicated Google Maps-based website, but also on smartphones (webapp and Layar) or even on a multitouch table application within your institution!

    Erfgoed op de Kaart (Your Heritage on the Map) is a coproduction between ab-c media (, Archief Eemland (The Eemland Archive / ) and Studio Sophisti (


    concept development and design of new media applications

  • Digiformat

    Digiformat is the proud distributor of the Atiz book scanners, one of the most budget friendly book scanner brands in the world.
    The Atiz BookDrive Mini for instance allows you to scan book pages up to twice the maximum page size of 25,4 x 35,6 cm. with a book thickness up to 5 cm. Conventional book scanners are often slow and cause page curvatures and damaged book spines. The BookDrive Mini avoids these problems with a different approach called the V-shaped solution. The V-shaped glass and book cradle hold the book open at a non-stressful angle for scanning by Canon EOS cameras at a speed of up to 700 pages per hour while guaranteeing sharp and curvatures-free images in every scan.
    The BookDrive Mini is the ultimate solution for in-house scanning at high quality against reasonable costs.
    For more information visit our stand at DISH2011 or have a look at



  • Bitman

    Bitman is located in Haarlem. We specialize in custom made and advanced web applications. Our developers are mostly technically orientated. They are also very strong in content. Bitman knows how to mix content and technique, interface and database.
    Keywords: cartography, html5, information retrieval, social media, data visualization, participation.

    Using Carteo as name, Bitman builds custom-made map applications. Examples are Biebmaps of Probiblio,, maps for Google and governmental organizations. Biebmaps is a good example of the possibilities of Carteo. In this application, more than 660.000 items from local libraries and archives are retrieved on a map.


  • ECM

    “Where information leads to content”


    Are you looking for a Scanning and Digitizing Solution partner? A-Vision Imaging and ECM-Services, we will give you the right answer. From manual to full automated scan solutions. No box movers but real solution providers.

  • Pictura

    Efficiency without any loss of quality: that’s what Pictura stands for. For years we have been supporting museums and other heritage organizations with their digital conservation and the opening up of their archives.


    Fast processing and creating quality with care are two different things. Although these two means normally exclude each other, at Pictura we are proud of having combined these two, resulting in efficiency with high quality results. Thanks to the great achievements we have made when it comes to efficiency, we were able to expand our capacity significantly.
    No matter what type of project you have; in Pictura you will find the perfect partner for your complete trajectory. Archives, paintings, photographic collections, books, maps, large or small: we are able to digitize, manage, publish and take care of durable digital storage. Digitalization in the highest possible quality, at low cost.

  • Colibreo

    Colibreo is a new approach to collection management for museums and heritage institutions. It includes a web-based collection management system (CollectiveAccess) and public facing website (Drupal) hosted in the cloud (SaaS), available through transparent all-inclusive monthly or yearly subscription plans.
    You can quickly get started without any setup costs involved, and can easily get your data in or out whenever you want. Open your collection!

  • DE REE archiefsystemen bv

    With MAIS Flexis and MAIS Internet De REE Archiefsystemen offers a complete solution to archives, from describing and managing your collections to presenting them on the internet.

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