The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Ylva Berglund

researcher & teacher - Oxford University Computing Services (UK)

Don't think too much about the problems - just do it!


The team, based at the Oxford University Computing Services, have been working with crowdsourcing and community collection in various forms for several years. Among the more recent projects can be mentioned the Great War Archive (memorabilia from the First World War, Woruldhord (objects and educational resources related to Anglo-Saxon culture and history, What's the Score at the Bodleian? (description of digitised Victorian parlour music scores and Europeana 1914-1918 (letters, photos and memories from the First World War in Germany All projects have a strong digitisation element and actively exploit online technologies and social media for collection, delivery, and communication. In 2010-2011 the team ran the RunCoCo project - Running a Community Collection Online, funded to support other community collection projects by providing training, documentation and open source software. Resources developed by the project are freely available at The project has published a report which offers a simple A B C of advice for projects and groups who aim to crowdsource with sustainable success.

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