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Wim van Dongen

Technical coordinator APEnet project - Nationaal Archief (NL)

Creating a central online access ("the missing link") to European archives with Patience, Perseverance & Passion.


Wim van Dongen studied history at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Before joining the Nationaal Archief in 2003, he worked as an account manager for a software development company. At the Nationaal Archief he became responsible for the main database system ABS/Archeion and for turning that client/server system into a web-based one. He also coordinated the implementation of an EAD export and synchronisation webservice for that same system and the development of the dedicated EAD editor proMEAD. Currently he is working on behalf of the Nationaal Archief on the EU funded APEnet project, which has two objectives: to build a portal for the European archival community and to act as aggregator of the European archives for Europeana. As such he is APEnet’s technical coordinator and leader of work package 3, which has to implement the interoperability between the Archives Portal Europe and Europeana. Wim will also be involved in the APEX project, the follow-up of the APEnet project, which is currently under negotiation with the European Commission. The APEX project will continue the work of the APEnet project, focusing on expanding the Archives Portal Europe network horizontally (getting more partners / more countries involved) and vertically (getting more regional and local archival institutions connected).

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