The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Willemke Landman

senior advisor e-culture and heritage - Province of Utrecht

Always In Search of Close Encounters of the Third Kind


Willemke Landman (1956) is a senior advisor e-culture and heritage in the Province of Utrecht. After completing her study in political sciences at the University of Amsterdam, she worked as a post-graduate researcher in the field of technology and society. For AVRO Radio she acted as an editor and later as a project leader Internet for the same broadcasting organisation. She was assistant chief editor of the periodical Computer Totaal, a publication of IDG. For a filmography of audiovisual productions on the Province of Utrecht she developed an information model and collected data from various sources. As a senior advisor e-culture she recently worked with archeology volunteers on a project for 3D photography and archeology. She is currently preparing a PhD research project concerning cultural heritage and 3D.


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