The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Tobias Golodnoff

Speaker - Danish Broadcasting Corporation



Tobias Golodnoff, MScIT, is responsible for the digitisation and contextualisation of Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) program archives (520.000 hours of AV-materials). He has led DR’s development of new and innovative methods for digitisation that has lowered the digitisation prizes internationally. More than 60 % of the archive are digital today and more than 80 % will be digital by 2014. He has developed the concept of USE = VALUE, which lead to DR’s archive website: Bonanza and he has established a national collaboration of cultural institutions who share knowledge, concepts and content online to engage the users and create synergy nationally. Mr Golodnoff is a member of FIAT/ IFTA’s Executive Committee, where his focus is online use of archives and value-creation through content sharing and collaboration. He’s also a member of the board in LARM, a project which establishes a national research infrastructure with more than 1 million hours of radio for the use at the Danish universities.


2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website