The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Sophie Visser

owner consultancy firm - LandZij

Digital heritage is more about communication, people and meaningful history than about digital and heritage as such


Sophie Visser graduated in 2006 in Historical geography at Utrecht University, after a M.Sc. in Chemistry in 1978 and a career in information systems (development, planning, modeling, strategy, etc.). Presently she owns her own consultancy firm LandZij, and is working on a PhD thesis on knowledge, information systems and communication about cultural historical landscapes. Special interests are - (im)possibilities and meanings of knowledge, information, communication and information technology and media, in relation to involved people, intentions, purposes and effects - critical reflection on heritage, its valuation and related information and communication - knowledge and communication by others than professionals (especially volunteers or 'laymen' / 'local experts') and public(s)) and participation by them As knowledge, communication, etc. are the result of activities, processes and projects, aspects of transdisciplinary research, participatory projects and applied methods are an issue too. Aspects of institutionalization and organization are aspects as well, as far as they are part of the context. Technologically related issues are information modelling and classifications, the role of GISs (Geographic Information Systems), websites and other tools and means, and their ways of interacting with makers and users. Other activities stem from her expertise in the history of the Dutch 'low country', leading to presentations (e.g. on Slideshare), publications, consultancy, and the membership of a municipal heritage committee, or are related to 'participation in practice' in local and regional spatial and landscape matters.

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2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website