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Shelley Mannion

Digital Learning Programmes Manager - British Museum

Hard things are easy if they are explained in the right way


Shelley Mannion is Digital Learning Programmes Manager at the British Museum in London. She co-manages the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre and its digital learning programs aimed at families and young audiences. Before joining the British Museum, she a social tagging research project with young Tibetans for the Rubin Museum of Art. Among the first graduates of the TEC-CH program in technology and communication for cultural institutions at the University of Lugano, she continues assist on several courses including Interactive Communication for Museums. Over the past 12 years, Shelley has worked as a Web designer, software developer, multimedia producer and project manager for corporate and non-profit clients in 11 countries. She holds a B.A in Art History and Computer Science from Smith College and an M.S. in Communication for Cultural Heritage from the University of Lugano.

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