The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Sanna Marttila

designer & researcher - Arki Research Group



Sanna Marttila is a designer and researcher for digital design and media. Since 2006 Sanna has been a project lead for research, design and development projects in the Arki Research Group ( of the Media Department of the Aalto University's School of Art and Design ( In the EUscreen project ( Sanna is responsible for the Open culture productions and she is the leader of the Rights Issues working group. Sanna holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Oulu majoring in literature, as well as MA in New Media from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Currently she is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Media, Aalto University. In her doctoral work Sanna studies the strategies how media companies, television channels and other established actors of the media field create a functioning collaboration with fragmented and participative communities online. Her current writing includes e.g. chapters for edited collections on new media technologies and user empowerment and Living Labs. As a designer, Sanna’s interest includes open and collaborative design and creative re-use utilizing audiovisual archival materials online.


2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website