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Norman Rodger

Projects and Innovations Manager - University of Edinburgh / MIMO Project Manager

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Norman has worked at the University of Edinburgh since January 2003. His most recent role there was to develop and manage the MIMO Project, which ran from September 2009 until the end of August 2011. As the acronym suggests, the aim of the “Musical Instruments Museums Online” project was to create an online access point to the collections of some of Europe’s most important musical instruments museums. The MIMO project, which was funded through the European Union’s eContentPlus programme, consisted of eleven partner museums, from six countries. Over the two year project period these museums photographed their musical instruments (including a large number of never publicly shown), edited audio and video material and prepared their databases so that this content, along with supporting information could be made available to the public. This content is now live in Europeana and the partnership has now moved into post project mode to expand the number of museums contributing content He was initially employed to manage and develop another project entitled “Britain in Print.” The aim of that project was two fold: first, to catalogue over 38,000 pre-1700 British printed books held in the project’s 17 partner libraries and make these available online and second, to develop free online learning resources that drew on these collections. Prior to that, Norman worked in a range of training and educational roles over a fifteen year period, many of which involved a European dimension. In another life he is a singer and guitarist with Scottish band TV21.

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