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Miriam Lerkenfeld

Web Editor - Cultural Heritage Project at DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation)

It is not a matter of public service, it is a matter of public resources, and how the public can utilise these resources.


Miriam Lerkenfeld is Web Editor at the Cultural Heritage Project at DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation), and a Master of Science in Information Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. Before working at the Cultural Heritage Project Miriam Lerkenfeld has worked in both the film and architecture industry, and for almost a decade she has been dealing with digital media. Together with the head of the project Tobias Golodnoff she is responsible for the strategic and managerial part of the Cultural Heritage Project. The Cultural Heritage Project consists of a number of assignments and the most significant are the digitalisation and the dissemination of DRs archives, and the tasks related to creating digital access to the content by collaborating within DR, but also with external partners. This could be the beginning of what, in ours mind, is one of the most important public-service projects in Denmark in modern time. The current focus is how DR as a public broadcaster, together with cultural heritage institutions, can provide a more engaging and meaningful experience for the general public and specified user groups on Internet. In practice the project develops new software platforms for cultural heritage, which invite people to join as active participants and co-creators of the archival content, rather than offering a role of a passive spectator and consumer. Creating a natural focus in the project on innovation, strategic development and extern relations among those the creation of an open source collective.

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