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Martijn Arts

Managing Director - Total Active Media

Formed by professional challenges raising an internet agency of my own, succeeded as co-owner of Total Identity being responsible for online and social media, I just want to learn every day!


Martijn Arts is an engineer (ir) who studied Industrial Design Engineering in Delft. He fulfilled both his bachelors as well as his masters cum laude and started with friends the company ZaPPWeRK, the former name of Total Active Media. Martijn Arts was at first the creative influence in ZaPPWeRK. In 2006 ZaPPWeRK was renamed Total Active Media and became part of Total Identity Holding. Martijn Arts is now responsible for Total Active Media as a whole as managing director. Martijn Arts is also part of the board of directors of Total Identity Holding. Specialties: concepting, generation of ideas, customer relation management, strategy, presenting, functional concept and functional design. Besides his professional work he started a project "culture around the corner", the first Location Based Service in the Netherlands. He also started "New Media Communications Amsterdam" with a product called the "MultiMediaWall", the first narrowcasting network in the Netherlands. Both projects have ended but they left their trail in other new developments.

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