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Anra Kennedy

Content & Partnerships Director - Culture24

I'm fascinated by the way the arts and heritage sectors have responded to the opportunities afforded by new technologies - the clash of old collections with new thinking - it's an exciting and ever-changing world to work in.


Anra is responsible for the development and delivery of Culture24’s partnerships, content strategy and portfolio of websites. This includes their editorial services and data aggregation for clients such as BBC, Parliament and Arts Council. She oversaw the specification, data structuring, taxonomy and UID of their site and led the thinking behind their award winning site for children. Originally a primary school teacher, Anra joined Culture24 in 2001 as an arts writer and education specialist. She's created a range of web and gallery-based digital & educational resources in the commercial and non-profit sectors. Anra is a founding trustee of the Kids in Museums charity ( and a judge of the UK’s annual Family Friendly Museum Awards. She also chairs the Finance & Sustainability Working Group for Europeana’s Council of Content Providers and Aggregators.

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