The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Amber Case

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and user experience designer from Portland, Oregon. She has spoken at TED and other conferences all over the world.

Our cell phones, cars and laptops have turned us into cyborgs!


"We are now entering into an era of liquid interfaces, where buttons can be downloaded at will, and software flies through the air. Phones have been untethered from their cords and are free to colonize our pockets. They cry, and we must pick them up. They get hungry, and we must plug them in. Our cell phones, cars and laptops have turned us into cyborgs. Our memories are increasingly stored in virtual space, and the ability to archive and access that data is of increasingly concern. What does it mean to extend body and memory into hyperspace? What are the implications to privacy, information and the formation of identity? Now that we have a second self, how do we protect it? This presentation will cover aspects of time and space compression, communication in the mobile era, evaporating interfaces and how to approach a rapidly changing information spaces".


2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website