The conference about digital strategies in heritage

Paper presentation: Transcribing Heritage Documents

Time & Place: Thu 08 Dec  |  14:00 - 15:30  |  Leeuwen Room II

About Transcribing Heritage Documents

​Patrick Heneise
Leiden University (NL)

The digital special collections at the Leiden University offer an extensive selection of digial manuscrips, lettrs, early printed and rare edition books. A mobile and cloud –based approach has been selected as a new way for students and researchers from the university library to transcribe documents. This presentation will also evaluate existing projects in the field of acces, organisation, transcription and analysis of digital representations of cultural heritage.

Melissa Mhairi Terras
University College London (UK)

Transcribe Bentham is a project which aim to digitise 12.500 Bentham folios trough a wiki-based transcribe interface. This case studie will present the findings which have resulted from the development and delivery of the Transcribe Bentham Transcription Desk.


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