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What is the DISH of the day?

Digital Strategies for Heritage (DISH) is the bi-annual international conference on digital heritage and the strategies that heritage institutions can follow. Triggered by changes in society, heritage organisations face many challenges and need to make strategic decisions about their activities and services. The key motivators for the conference are inspiration, knowledge, skills and networking. DISH2011 takes place on 6 – 9 December 2011.

The programme
The full programme of DISH2011 is available online. An overview of all activities during the 2 conference days can be downloaded as a PDF schedule: programme DISH2011 (PDF).

Special DISH2011 edition of Informatie Professional
For more background information, please read our special DISH edition of the Informatie Professional:

We need to realize that everybody needs a different strategy, there is not one best strategy

Ross Parry Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester

On a very, very good conference. As the ex Director of Online Information in London I know what this takes and I think you took it!

Jill Cousins Director of Europeana

Looking forward to DISH2011! Still thankful for the workshop on Business Model Generation last year!

Hildelies Balk Head of European Projects at Koninklijke Bibliotheek

How our DISH is made

The Netherlands Institute for Heritage / Erfgoed Nederland
As a national institution for cultural heritage, the Netherlands Institute for Heritage focuses on the transfer of knowledge and innovation in that field. The Netherlands Institute for Heritage promotes meetings between organisations (operating both within and outside the field of heritage) to address current societal issues, encourage reflection and organise knowledge exchanges and debates.

DEN Foundation / Stichting DEN (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland)
The DEN Foundation (Digital Heritage Netherlands) is the Dutch national knowledge centre for digital heritage. DEN supports cultural heritage institutions (archives, museums, libraries and special collections, archaeological and architectural history institutions) to improve their digital strategies and services. The sharing of knowledge of and experiences with ICT is a core mission of DEN. Furthermore, DEN encourages the institutions to invest in open technology, to implement ICT standards and to make use of other tools that contribute to sustainable information services.

The best of DISH

On 9 and 10 December 2009, The Netherlands Institute for Heritage and the DEN Foundation jointly organised the first international version of the Dutch national digital heritage conference: DISH2009. Read more about DISH2009 on


Everybody agreed: Wrapup of DISH2009 was great!



Chung is a co-founder of Steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project, a collaboration of museums and information professionals investigating the potential of social tagging to enhance access to museum collections and engage visitors.



"Osterwalder has established himself as a global thought leader in the area of Business Model Innovation design and innovation. "



Ross Parry has been Lecturer in Museums and New Media at the University of Leicester



"When did you last annoy a teacher?"



Greenbergs dissertation on the history of video stores and movie culture was published as "From Betamax to Blockbuster" by the MIT Press.


DISH Themes

Is DISH for you?

The conference is for everyone who makes or influence decisions touching on the field of cultural heritage (directors and managers of heritage institutions, policy-makers, innovators and researchers). DISH enables participants to learn more about strategic decisions on all aspects of digital heritage, as well as about how their fellow participants are coping with strategy.

About the organisation

Who's cooking?

Meet the people behind DISH.

Naturally, we could not organise DISH2011 without the help from external sources, so we established a Programme Committee and an Advisory Board. The Programme Committee will meet three times to ensure that qualitative sessions and keynote speakers are arranged for DISH2011. The Advisory Board is helping us to expand our international network and provides us with names of interesting keynote speakers.


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2 ‒ 3 december 2013 De Doelen, Rotterdam Visit the DISH2013 website